Round Robin Test 2021

The accurate and reliable measurement of the chemical composition of mineral wool is the ‎corner stone in EUCEB´s evaluation to check if produced mineral wool is within the chemical ‎range of the exonerated reference fibre. It plays a key role in the trust that Third Parties ‎have in the EUCEB certification scheme.‎

In order to improve continuously and to reinforce confidence in the safety of mineral wools, ‎EUCEB performed another comparative testing campaign with all external labs and many ‎internal labs used by its certificate holders. This “Round Robin Test” was managed ‎independently by BCCA, the Belgian Construction Certification Association.‎

One sample of glass wool and one sample of stone wool were sent to all ‎laboratories ‎without any information on their chemical composition. ‎The laboratories analysed the ‎samples and sent the results to BCCA. BCCA shared them anonymously with an independent ‎expert within statistical analysis who did the statistical evaluation.‎

All external laboratories performed well but one. It was requested to take corrective ‎actions ‎and has been removed from the list of approved laboratories for the ‎time being. So, all ‎approved laboratories are fully in line with EUCEB expectations.‎ ‎

EUCEB and BCCA will continue their efforts to constantly improve the robustness of the ‎EUCEB certification scheme and to keep the customers´ confidence in the safety of mineral ‎wools‎ at its high level.‎