The European Union Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures No 1272/2008 defines in its Note Q exoneration criteria for mineral wool fibres, so that the classification as a carcinogen does not apply.

EUCEB stands for the European Certification Board for Mineral Wool Products, a non-profit association, whose general purpose is to voluntarily certify that manufactured mineral wool fibres have a chemical composition within the ranges of exonerated reference fibres, which have been tested in accordance with the European protocols and have shown to be in conformity with the Note Q of Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.

The EUCEB association was created to ensure the customers and consumers that a EUCEB certified mineral wool product complies with the Note Q exoneration criteria.

The EUCEB certification stands for proven and reliable quality according to a precisely defined system of monitoring and controls. It is a confirmation for a high quality of products, which are manufactured in accordance with the requirements laid down in the EUCEB-constitution.

As a result, the customers and consumers of mineral wool products are given a tool with a high value of recognition. A Trademark which may be placed on the packaging of mineral wool products and is, thus, visible at a single glance.


The right-to-use the EUCEB-Trademark is granted to a manufacturer only, if he fulfils several prerequisites.

  • The manufacturer confirms his agreement to the constitution, by-laws and exhibits of EUCEB by signing a legal undertaking.
  • The manufacturer provides exoneration documentation for at least one fibre type. This is controlled by an independent certification body.
  • The manufacturer commits to compliance between manufactured and marketed products with acknowledged exonerated fibre type(s) in those production facilities involved in the supervision.
  • The manufacturer performs at least once per week an analysis of the chemical composition of the fibres. This is controlled by an independent certification body, BCCA.
  • Twice a year, an independent sampling institute takes a sample at the manufacturer’s facility and sent it to an independent analytical institute to analyse the chemical composition. The results are controlled by an independent certification body.
  • The independent sampling institute also checks the continuous internal control of the chemical composition by the manufacturer.
  • Each plant has a plant management system which is regularly audited by a third party.

An independent certification body BCCA examines the presented documentation for completeness and accuracy taking into account the results controlled by the scientific experts. As from January 1st, 2017, BCCA acts as independent Certification Body for EUCEB. BCCA is a specialised certification body in the construction sector for products and construction systems, organisation systems, management systems, persons and processes. BCCA is active in all types of certification procedures - legal procedures via governmental decree as well as voluntary procedures based on consensus between parties.  BCCA was established in 1992 by the two most prominent bodies in the construction industry, i.e. SECO (TECHNICAL CONTROL BUREAU FOR CONSTRUCTION) and BBRI (BELGIAN BUILDING RESEARCH INSTITUTE) with the objective of creating a broad, flexible and generally accessible service system in the field of certification. The inherent independence of BCCA protects the user against any excessively commercial approach of certification.

Reference documents and informative documents for this certification scheme can be downloaded from the following page.

For more information, please send your inquiries to euceb(at)bcca.be

In case of a positive evaluation, the independent certification body certifies that the mineral wool products tested comply with the EUCEB requirements and informs the EUCEB secretariat. The EUCEB Board may then decide to grant the right to use the Trademark to the manufacturer. The independent certification body represented by BCCA is also responsible for the evaluation of the neutral, third party controlled supervision and acts in case of any infringement.