Continuous Verification

Proof of Conformity

Every manufacturer obtaining certificate to use the Trademark undertakes to comply with conformity between the tested fibers and those, which are offered for sale.

In order to ensure conformity that the chemical compositions of the fibres are within the acceptable range, cf. enclosure from the fibres tested in the report submitted to the European Certification Board for Mineral Wool Products, an external conformity inspection shall take place regularly twice per calendar year in laboratories designated by the Quality Board.

The samples to be tested shall be obtained from a production line or commercially available products. Collection shall be made by an accredited sampling institute qualified by the Quality Board as competent to act in this domain.

The external inspection, which should be submitted to the Quality Board, must include:

  • Details of the manufacturer.
  • Designation of the fibres tested (e.g. tradename or other identification).
  • Inspecting office.
  • Time or period of the inspection.
  • Details of the inspection procedure.
  • Chemical composition of the material examined.